How to sell at Subastas Imperio

If you have any type of work of art or antiquity that you want to auction, Subastas Imperio offers you the possibility to do it in an agile and effective way.

Our online auction procedure allows your piece to quickly enter a market without limits or borders and with the guarantee of the widest portfolio of potential clients. We guarantee the best quote and the right advice throughout the process. You can also follow the whole evolution of the auction from anywhere.

Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at [email protected], by phone at (+34) 91.473.16.45 o by fax at (+34) 91.473.44.38, for a first contact and receive all the information.

Subastas Imperio reserves the right to admit or reject the batch.

Conditions for the sale to be possible

The transferor-seller is responsible for the property transferred or, if applicable, guarantees that it is validly authorized by the legitimate owner to dispose of the goods free of charge, claims and other charges, obliging to prove it in If necessary.

The transferor-seller grants the rights to Subastas Imperio that will act as mediator, to sell through its webpage the goods related in the document of "Reception for sale in auction" And agrees not to assign the sales rights to any other person, company, auction or web.

The seller, when assigning an object, and Subastas Imperio will set by common agreement the minimum sale price for the same. Below this price, Auctions Imperio will not be able to sell the item unless there is an express authorization from the seller.

The assignor grants rights to Subastas Imperio to photograph, display and reproduce graphically, both in printed form and through electronic means, the goods listed on the auction assignment form, in which it is considered the best way to carry out its Sale.

Batches entered into the auction, can not be removed in any case by the seller-seller unilaterally, prior to the date of the auction. If it were the case that Auctions Imperio acceded to the withdrawal for extraordinary reasons or that the transferor-seller could not deliver the work once sold in auction, it will have to pay to Subastas Imperio, 30% of commission on the estimate of the piece.

Once the sale is made, Auctions Imperio will deduct in commission, the percentage agreed with the seller, taxed with the corresponding VAT. The works sold by authors subject to Law 22/87 of Intellectual Property, will be deducted the tax established by said law and, as this indicates is going to be borne by the seller. The cost of transport from the seller's home to Subastas Imperio will be borne by the seller-seller.

All taxes arising as a result of the mediation, will be of account of the corresponding part, according to the current legislation.

The seller will not have to pay more expenses than those expressed in the previous section, since those corresponding to insurance, cataloging, photography, storage and advertising, will be borne by Imperastas Subastas. Only in case of mutual agreement, proceed to the restoration, cleaning, framing, etc. Of the object, or to consultations with experts involving a disbursement, these expenses will be for the exclusive account of the seller, who must pay them regardless of whether the object is sold or not.

In the event that the transferor-seller leaves in physical deposit his assets in the premises of Subastas Imperio, thirty days after the celebration of the auction, unsold lots that have not been withdrawn by the owner, Unless otherwise agreed with Subastas Imperio, will accrue a weekly storage cost of € 30 per piece of furniture and € 15 per week for pieces of any other category.

Settlement of auctioned and sold lots will be made within 30 days after the date of completion of the piece, provided they have been settled by the buyer.
In the event of non-payment by the successful bidder or buyer, the seller may choose to re-take the auctioned lot, sell it to the previous bidder or initiate any process it deems appropriate. The expenses and supplies that could be derived from these actions, will be in charge of the seller-seller.

In case of defects or imperfections or errors that have been omitted or hidden, the piece will be returned to the seller-seller and the sale will be canceled. The seller must return the amount in full to Subastas Imperios in the event that the piece has already been paid and pay the costs incurred, administrative or transportation. The parties involved, seller-depositor and buyer, must comply with the provisions of the Patrimony Law, the General Tax Law and the Intellectual Property Law.

Once the lot for the auction is admitted, Subastas Imperio becomes the depository of the object under the conditions in which it is delivered by the seller and which will be detailed in the " transfer contract " In which the legal capacity of the seller-assignor will be specified to put the lot to auction.

The seller-assignor warrants that he is the legitimate owner or person authorized to dispose of the goods that Subastas Imperio hands over for his auction.

Once the lot is included in the auction portal, it can only be withdrawn with the authorization of Subastas Imperio and the seller-seller will pay the amount of 25% of the estimated value, as compensation Subastas Imperio reserves the right to exhibit, describe, photograph, etc. The objects ceded for the auction.
An estimated price will be established in each of the auctioned lots called, Estimate, price that the object has in the market, which will not be binding on the bids, just an indication.

The minimum price is the starting price, ie the amount by which the first bid should be made.
The highest bidder will be the winner. If there is a winning bid that was subsequently eliminated by Subastas Imperios for any reason, the seller will decide whether to accept the previous bid or not. Once closed the auction all the bids not adjudicated will be canceled. Subastas Imperio can cancel any bid without justification or explanation.

We will charge 5 € for each item (not sold) published on our website for inclusion and management expenses.

Subastas Imperio will deduct from the award price the brokerage fees on the sale, which will be 18% over the auction price, plus the corresponding taxes and expenses if any. The works of the authors subject to the Law of Intellectual Property, will be applied the appropriate tax, when appropriate, always in charge of the seller-transferor.

The lots awarded in the auction will be settled as of the 30 calendar days from the award date, provided they have been paid by the buyer.

The assignor will authorize Subastas Imperio to deduct from the auction price of each lot, the 18% commission plus the corresponding taxes and expenses if any.

In case the buyer of a lot does not make payment of the entire amount of the purchase, Subastas Imperio will take the appropriate legal measures in the claim of quantities.

Auctions Imperio reserves the right to modify or change these conditions of sale, prior communication.


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