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We have a simple and intuitive system to give everyone access to our services.


Register as a user

In order to bid on Subastas Imperio and get started in the experience of internet art auctions, it is necessary to follow a few simple steps that will take very little time and ensure that you can operate with maximum security on our page.

Enter the link on the Home page " My account " And correctly fill in the boxes with your data in the registration area.

As a security measure, the form will prompt you to enter a " user code / nickname " And a " password " , Which guarantees the privacy and authenticity of the bids, since when you make an offer, the bid history will be in view your user code and not your name and surname, and the bid will not enter unless That you enter the correct password.

Once the auction conditions are accepted you will receive a message to your email where you can finalize your registration.

Your personal information must be authentic and correct because, in the event of any falsehood or manipulation, Subastas Imperio will terminate the registered customer.

Your email account will be authenticated by sending an email to you. Accept the creation of your account.

Signing up will receive our newsletter with the most outstanding news.

If you wish to unsubscribe as a user, you should contact us, via email or phone.

You do not need to register as a user to travel through our website.


Access data recovery

To recover your login data you should go to the user area " My account " And in the user identification area click on "I forgot my password", once you enter your registered e-mail, click on "Recover data".

You will receive an email with instructions for resetting a new password.


Bid on an auction and Automatic Bidding

To bid for a piece in Empire Auctions, you must first be registered as a user since it is necessary to have a "user code / pseudonym" and a "password" that you can only get with this record.

Steps to follow:

1. Enter the lot, where you can enlarge the available photos and see a broad description, the date and time at which the auction ends and the bid history. If you would like additional information, do not hesitate to contact us.

2. Mark the amount you wish to bid and by clicking on & quot; bid & quot ;, a simulation of the invoice will appear on the screen with the total that should be settled, including commission and taxes, if the lot were awarded. By "Accept" This invoice will enter your bid. Auctions Empire will inform you, via mail, if they exceed your bid.

2b. Automatic bidding is a system with which if you cannot be present at the auction your lot will be bid by the system if you have exceeded your bid, up to the maximum amount you indicated.                         
This mechanism is activated by bidding for a batch for an amount that exceeds the amount immediately above the predetermined bid scale.                         
In the case that you make a higher bid, the system will enter a bid that exceeds the amount already existing and will remember your self-bid, which will act only at the moment they exceed you until you reach the amount you have indicated.                         
In the event that another user makes a bid for an amount equal to their automatic bid, the oldest bid will have priority over the current bid or one that does not exceed its amount.

3. If you are the successful tenderer, during the next day, you will receive an email with the invoice that you must pay by bank transfer in a period not exceeding 7 days. The highest bid will be the winner (as long as it exceeds the starting or reserve price, if applicable) and meets the conditions established by the seller for said auction.

4. Transportation and packaging is always the responsibility of the buyer. Empire Auctions can manage it or you can pick up the piece personally in our Hall.

If you cannot bid directly on our website, you can do it by phone or give us the instructions by e-mail, our staff in the Room will bid on your behalf.

Bidders are warned that the seller-assignor of the lots may have set an amount as the reserve price of each lot below which the sale will not occur. If the bidder's position exceeds the reserve price set by the transferor / seller, the lot will be sold, if the position does not reach the reserve price, it will be consulted with the transferor / seller in case he wants to lower his claims and access the sale. All of which will be immediately communicated to the buyer.

Remember that during the three minutes before the auction closes any bid increases the completion time by three minutes.



Querying User Information

As a registered user you can manage from the section My account:

My personal data: Modify your personal data (change of address, telephone, etc.)
My auction in bid: Get a list of the bids of the lots in process of adjudication.
My won auctions: Get a list of those awarded as a winner.
My follow-up auctions: Create a custom list of your tracking lots.


Cancellation of a purchase

As a buyer, you can cancel an acquisition within seven days from the date of auction, only in cases where the part does not correspond to the cataloging or has very significant damages not indicated in the description or Can not be seen in the images.

The part must be returned in the same condition and condition as given.

In any of these cases, Empire Auction will fully refund the money paid for the purchase of the object. The costs of transportation in the collection and delivery of the piece or any other expenses other than the amount of auction plus the commission and VAT, will not be paid by Empire Auction.

Any other claim that the buyer wants to make for inaccurate data or falsity of the piece, should be directed inexcusably to the seller, while Subastas Imperio does not assume the authenticity of the piece but only mediation in the sale. p>

No claim will be accepted for any awarded lots, 15 days after the corresponding invoice has been issued.

The parties involved, seller-depositor and buyer, must comply with the provisions of the Patrimony Law, the General Tax Law and the Intellectual Property Law.

The transactions involving Subastas Imperio are subject to the provisions of Spanish Law and, more specifically, to the stipulations governing the mediation and deposit agreements.

In case of discrepancies between the parties for reasons of auction operations, the seller, buyer and Subastas Imperio, with waiver of any other jurisdiction that may correspond, will be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the city Of Madrid.