Privacy Policy

Auctions Empire reports that the personal data of its users and customers will be incorporated into the databases of Subastas Imperio, being enabled to give computerized treatment to them, for commercial purposes within the activity of the company itself. / P>

Subastas Imperio believes that the personal information of the client is strictly confidential and guarantees that it will be dealt with in accordance with the Organic Law 15/1999 on the Protection of Personal Data.

Subastas Imperio collects, registers, stores and uses your personal information so that you can sell or buy through our website and to keep you informed of news and news of Subastas Imperio, unless you have indicated otherwise. Weekly and via mail, you will receive our newsletter where we inform you of some outstanding pieces of the auction. If you do not want to receive it you can communicate it by any means, preferably email.

All personal information is kept in a secure and strictly confidential database. Access is strictly limited to authorized employees of Subastas Imperios. The servers that contain this data are protected from unauthorized physical and electronic access with firewalls and additional virus detection systems, installation of security systems, vulnerability testing, server backup and recovery, trained personnel, security control and Other measures to improve security and confidentiality on an ongoing basis.
When registering as a user, Auctions Empire prompts you to enter a " user " And a "password", which guarantee the privacy and authenticity of the bids, since when you make an offer, in the bid history, your user will be in sight and not your personal data, and the bid will not enter Unless you enter the correct password.

As a customer, from the " My account " You can change your data, as well as the user and your password, to access the bidding.

Subastas Imperios reserves the right to cancel a customer's account for a variety of reasons, such as non-payment of the auctioned items.

In the same way, if you no longer want to be a customer of Subastas Imperio, you can tell us at any time, either by mail or by phone, telling us all your information, your username and password.

If there is a court order, an order from a public or police authority or a legal authority, Subastas Imperio Online may be required to disclose your personal information.

If you have any questions or concerns about the collection, use or protection of your personal information, we invite you to contact us.